Charitable Giving

creating a brighter tomorrow

Winchester Carlisle Companies is committed to giving back.

Our passion to serve others is not only instilled in our customer service, but also in community service.


Both organizationally and individually, we donate our time, resources, and money to a variety of charities and causes to create a positive impact throughout our communities.


Whether it is organized volunteer events or corporate philanthropy, these programs allow our team members to be actively involved in helping those throughout where we work and live.

Corporate Partnerships

While Winchester Carlisle Companies encourages its team members to volunteer and give back to the causes they feel passionate about, we have corporately partnered with two local non-profit organizations, Heroes for Children and the Community Partners of Dallas.


Heroes for Children provides financial and social assistance to families with children battling cancer. Historically, Winchester Carlisle Companies has hosted an exclusive Easter Eggstravaganza social event for these families, as well as participated in other fundraising and donation efforts.  


The Community Partners of Dallas works in conjunction with Dallas County Child Protective Services to provide aid and supplies to children who have suffered abuse and neglect.  Historically Winchester Carlisle Companies has participated in back-to-school and holiday drives as well as other fundraising/donation efforts.


For us, giving back represents an opportunity to do something good for those around us, not only through donating money, but more importantly, time.

Community Partners of Dallas
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